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Our Mission & Purpose:

The Mission of Bel Canto Singers Bahamas is to create a safe space and atmosphere that encourages and nurtures its members to live consciously and with a deep sense of civic responsibility. Members are passionate about personal and musical growth as well as being committed to excellence. The above attributes are demonstrated through the production of world class concerts and other musical events, both locally and internationally.

An atmosphere that encourages and nurtures consciousness and civic responsibility

A life lived in consciousness and awareness that each human being is as important as every other,  and that each one is beautifully and wonderfully made, provides a firm foundation and springboard for a joyful existence – thereby giving others permission to live thusly – regardless of social and other categorical definitions.  From this place, we can know and live the truth that there are enough resources in the world for all to have what they need.  We practice this by the sharing of our time and talents each year in charitable giving – the production of a gala event that benefits nonprofit entities.  We are our brothers’ keepers.

A passion for personal and musical growth as well as excellence

Throughout history, we have seen countless examples of men and women who dare to be different, to be better and more than what was expected of them. They were the trailblazers of their time and, in many instances and by historical accounts, they changed the world. Music can and does change lives. Through the discipline of singing music of different genres in a world class fashion, we own the truth that we all can achieve greatness. We take an art form that has no prejudice and prove to our communities that we each have what it takes to have what we want in our lives. To this end, the very nature of the Bel Canto rehearsals is steeped in re-enforcing the rudiments and styles that promote excellence. This is supported by providing, at least once a year, professional vocal and choral coaching for all singers.

A demonstration of the above through the production of world class musical concerts and events both locally and internationally

The group presents a minimum of two concert series a year including one international tour.  In the spirit of reaching more members of our communities, the group endeavors to engage in mini-concerts, church, and other appearances where our talents are showcased and our message in song and word encourages and fosters a sense of civic responsibility and community spirit.

The idea of this semi professional singing ensemble began in September 1999. Its founder and director, Eldridge McPhee, returned to the Bahamas in 1998 after a thirteen-year stint of living in several cities in the South Eastern United States.

With a quartet of four voices, Candace Bostwick - Soprano, Naomi Godet-Taylor - Mezzo Soprano, Linda Osborn - Contralto and Eldridge McPhee - Lyric Baritone. The quartet's debut performance was on December 16th, 1999 at an event called Christmastide and has now become a standard yuletide fundraiser for The AIDS Foundation of The Bahamas and Unity Center of Light.

The group specializes in Classical and Contemporary Sacred Anthems, Negro Spirituals, Bahamian Folklore songs and Broadway show tunes. The group has become ambassadors for the Bahamas as well as a semi professional recording music entity.

Bel Canto Singers Bahamas’ International Concert Tours have taken them to St. Simon St. Jude Episcopal Church, Columbia, South Carolina Spring 2008 & Spring 2009 and St. Mark’s United Methodist, Atlanta, Georgia 2009.

The Singers have recorded a compact disc “Bel Canto Singers - Live at Christ Church Cathedral – Nassau, Bahamas

The Bel Canto Singers Bahamas has raised in the past five years some $47,000 for Charties including the AIDS Foundation of the Bahamas – The Solomon Wellington Adderley Memorial Grant and Unity Center with its annual production of Christmastide.  The event, which made it debut on December 16th 1999 has raise some approximately $98,000 in 10 years for non profit organizations."

Our Members

Eldridge McPhee - Director

Anatchas Hart - Mezzo Soprano

Elizabeth Taylor - Mezzo Soprano

Anthony Delaney - Baritone

Elkia Coakley - Mezzo Soprano

Anton Smith - Baritone

Harrison Lockhart - Tenor

Michelle Green - Mezzo Soprano

Jillian Roberts - Contralto

Candice Major - Lightbourne - Mezzo Soprano

Rawiya Rahming - Mezzo Soprano

Dylan Stewart - Baritone

Frederick Smith - Baritone

Kristine Parker- Curling - Soprano

Helena Rolle - Mezzo Soprano

Beatrice Fowler - Soprano

Joann Fritz - Mezzo Soprano

Christopher Omari Thompson - Baritone

Kervinique Ferguson - Contralto

Candace Bostwick - Soprano

Lillian Bastian - Mezzo Soprano

Bridgette Rolle - Soprano

Maude Lockhart - Soprano

Sonovia Pierre - Mezzo Soprano

Giovani Bowe - Tenor

Ezekiel Thompson - Bass

Navarro Newton - Tenor

Anton Smith - Baritone

Chad V. Narine - Tenor

Carl Scavella - Baritone

Matthew Johnson - Tenor

Carlos Thomas - Bass - Baritone

C. Patrick Johnson - Bass

Coderro Edgecombe - Bass - Baritone

Ian Saunders - Contrabass

Nicole Davis- Evans - Mezzo Soprano

Dexter Fernander - Baritone

Edris Cunningham - Mezzo Soprano

Shavonda Cleare - Mezzo Soprano

Dwain Wallace - Tenor

Louis Cleare - Bass

Dwight Dorsett - Tenor

Lee Callender - Accompanist

Dion Cunningham - Accompanist

Paul Jones - Accompanist

Kendrick Coleby - Accompanist

Raymond Antonio - Accompanist

Giovanni Clarke - Flute / Percussion

Lionel Ferguson Jr. - Trumpet

Darion Dorsett - Trumpet

Andre Rolle - Trumpet

Clivano Rolle - Trombone

Anthony Bowleg Jr - Tuba

Gary Francis, Jr. - Timpani

Amyr Joyner - Violin

Calida Jones - Violin

Fadlullah Ba'th - Violin

Josalyn Walker - Violin

Kevin Jones - Violoncello

Johnny Walker, Jr. - Violoncello


About The Director

Eldridge McPhee has been singing since he entered elementary school at William Gordon Primary School 35 years ago. His first choral conductor was none other than Mrs. V. Deveaux, mother to Joanne Deveaux Callendar. Eldridge stunned a yuletide crowd at the Christmas pageant at the then Annex Baptist Church with his rendition of O Holy Night at age 9. He went on to sing in the Holy Trinity Anglican Church Boys Choir, winning the Bahamas National Arts Festival Competition for Boys' Treble Voices at age 12. He was a member of the first National Youth Choir organized by Cleophas Adderley in 1983 and also sang under the direction of the late E. Clement Bethel with the Nassau Renaissance Singers. Eldridge also participated in drama at the Dundas Center for the Performing Arts in plays directed by the late Francilia Bosfield and sang a season with the Nassau Amateur Operatic Society's production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Mr. McPhee left Nassau in 1984 to study voice and choral conducting under Levone Tobin-Scott at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, whose 1980 choir won a silver medal in an international choral competition in Hawaii. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a double major in Vocal Performance. In 1990, Mr. McPhee earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in International Business.

Eldridge McPhee sang with the world famous Fraumünsterchor in Zurich Switzerland for 2 years under the direction of acclaimed conductor and organist Alex Hug. He was also a Principal of Artist Guild International, which produced 8 seasons of concerts at the Government House Ballroom, where the majority of the proceeds went towards scholarship funds for The College of The Bahamas students in music programs.

Eldridge McPhee’s primary goal is to bring healing and health to the world through the excellent production of art in all its forms.